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Invisalign Seem to be Cut Incorrectly ?

  • mar143agr
  • 1 year ago

Hello ... I am just about done with my first tray of Invisalign. So far things are going good but I do have a question with how my upper tray was cut by Invisalign. If you look at the attached picture you will see that the back molar on the left side is cut straight across and not round like on the right side. When wearing them it is clear that only half of that back tooth is covered. Does anyone else have the same thing? Was not sure if I should complain to my Orth. about this. I did also check my second tray and it is cut the same way as the first. Thoughts??

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Mine isn't quite as bad as the one in your picture but i don't think it's a reason to worry. You have two good teeth in front of the questionable one. The trays wrap pretty good around those. It's really tough to move a molar with those 4 roots and all. I wouldn't think you would need more of an anchoring point than that. Ask your ortho the next time your in, but I think those two anchoring points would be enough.
Mine is similar. I also have a edge that gets cut off of each aligner. I was told the Invisalign was only correcting the front teeth. However I'm concerned that my upper tray is not flush with the roof of my mouth. It sticks out and is very annoying. Do you have that problem also?
Maybe that's the way your impressions turned out? If your molars aren't being moved and your orthodontist isn't concerned, I wouldn't worry about it.