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  • Mammalish
  • Kentucky
  • 1 year ago

Hello, I am brand new to this site. I had a Full TT with MR on Monday Dec.10,2012. So I am day 4 PO. I had a four finger diastasis that I worked hard to bring together myself. I used Mummy Tummy DVD and did Bikram Yoga. I also started doing Pure Barre. I found that I could bring my stomach muscles together while engaging them but as soon as I relaxed I was back to the 4 finger diastasis. I also had a small herniated belly button. I am very interested in recovering properly. I am a mother to 13 children (5 through adoption) and 1 grandbaby, 10 are still living at home and 4 year old is the youngest. My husband is very supportive. I am taking the supplement bromelain for swelling. I am still on muscle relaxers and percocet. And I am taking Arnica.

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