Introduce Myself & How long will I have to book my time away?

  • CurvyD
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 2 years ago

Hello All! I would like to ask a few questions if that is OK   About me: firstly I am 30 yrs old, I am a size 14, 150lbs 5ft-3inches I dont look my age luckily. I have had two children, my stomach is very firm and no stretch marks. Thats as good as it gets lol. I store most of my weight in my stomach unfortunately, have naturally huge quite saggy breasts and I breast fed two children for nearly 2 years each so four years of use. YIKES! (I am leaving the breasts be at the moment) and have lots of cellulite. I have a flattish bum. I have always always hated my bum and figure. Id say I am an apple shape but can look hourlgass if I wear the right clothes. I am sick of worryign about my flat bum and saggy jeans, and buying clothes to specifically hide my bottom. I have also had comments about great boobs unlucky about the butt and even my father would tease me about my negative butt :( Anyway   I have researched tons and I would love Dr campos to give me a massive curvy figure but I have settled for Dr Aslani in Malaga. because it is closer and I have my two chidlren which I may have to take with me to Spain, He looks very good at giving those killer curves also.   QUestion to anyone whos had the surgery abroad: How long will I have to stay in Spain so I wil be able to come back comfortably? I will be bringing my husband/or friend for support and to help me with the children. I just cant leave them for so many weeks I have no one to take care of them ....   thanks so much you guys!  

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Hi Curvy, have you had it done yet ?I am hoping to have a BBL with Dr Aslani in March, I have a skype consultation next week did you have body jet lipo with it ?And how long was your flight to get there ? thanks a lot xxxxx
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