I'm Very Intersted in Getting Fat Injections or Fat Transfers for Volume Loss in my Face- Who Are The Best Drs?

  • bambi07
  • chicago, il
  • 2 years ago

I'm younger and have always taken good care of my skin but being thin I have noticed a loss of volume at the top of cheeks and along the nl folds. It's very confusing searching for a doctor who has had a great success rate with this procedure. I would like to know who the best doctors are for this procedure? I'm just looking to restore a more youthful me nothing too extensive. I'm planning on getting cosmetic fillers first to make sure I would like the permanent results.

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Hi Sharing   I am sorry to hear about your experience. I am not at all familiar with Ulthera and I don't have any experience with Co2 laser. It sounds like you might be a good candidate for a fat transfer, but only a surgeon that has seen you in person can tell you if this is indeed the case.   You may have noticed here on RealSelf that the results of fat transfers are mixed.  I am very happy with my results, but there are many people here who are not happy with their results.  So I say do alot of research into surgeons that do fat transfers.  Consult with several of them.  Talk to their patients that have had fat transfers.  I know it is alot of effort to go through, but if you don't pick a good surgeon that does fat transfers well,  you could make a bad situation worse.   I have only had experience with one surgeon and her is in So Cal so I don't have any recommendations for you. I hope it works out for you.   Good luck!
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Hi Misty, Thank you. I am happy to hear about your good results. You make me feel like there is hope. I have had a few things done over the years and never had a bad experience before now. Really good surgeons are so busy with referrals that they don't typically advertise. I'll probably have to travel to New York, Florida or Texas to find a surgeon that specializes in fat transfer. Did you post your doctor's name somewhere? I could call and get a referral from your doctor, on my side of the world. Could be a longshot- But, it could be a start. Take Care
Hi Sharing,   Don't rely on advertising.  I suggest checking out the website of the American Board of Plastic Surgery www.abplsurg.org because you can find a list of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and start at that point.   Here are some other helpful websites to help you in your search   The link below gives you 11 questions you should ask a potential plastic surgeon. http://plasticsurgery.about.com/od/findtherightsurgeon/a/11_questions.htm   This link gives you additional information on how to pick a plastic surgeon. Very helpful. http://plasticsurgery.about.com/od/findtherightsurgeon/ht/choose_a_PS.htm   This link tells you how to avoid becoming a victim of bad plastic surgery. http://plasticsurgery.about.com/od/beforesurgery/a/avoid_bad_ps.htm   This link is for California, but I am sure other states have one. It is the Medical Board website where you can verify your doctor’s license, see if there is are any citations etc against this doctor.   http://www.medbd.ca.gov/lookup.html   My surgeon is Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport Beach.   Hang in there.  Don't give up hope...I believe a qualified doctor can help improve things for you. I wish you the best.  I hope that if you do have a follow-up procedure that you post about your experience.  I wish you the very best.  Feel free to contact me anytime.    
Misty, Thank you so much for taking the time to provide helpful sources and thoughtful advice. I will call your doctor's office today and ask for a referral. For sure- I will be very careful and provide an update on my progress. Sitting at home depressed -won't fix my face. Thanks again!
Has anybody had good results with Dr. Karam?
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Hi Sasha55


I had a fat transfer done as well.  I am thin too so it took 2 fat transfers for me.  My first fat transfer was done along with a face lift in November 2009.  Since I thin the doctor ran out of fat so we didn't add any to my temple or forehead.  I went back in 2010 for a fat transfer that added fat to my forehead and temple. This was just a fine tuning to add a very subtle softness.


I don't know surgeons in San Francisco.  My surgeon is in Newport Beach and I know many people have flown in from out of town to have surgery done by him,


I was so happy with my results that I thought I was no longer thought I was too old to have a breast augmentation so I went back in April 2010 for that.  I have now started doing some modeling.


If you have any particular questions please feel free to message me.
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It's great to hear about your positive experience. would be grateful if you can pm the Dr. in New Port please? Did you have a fat transfer breast augmentation also?

Hi bambi07. Just checking up on you to see if you had the procedure done. I too am interested in fat grafting, fat taken from my stomach and injected into my face. I too am thin, so my face is hollowing out. I am 57 years old, at this age I feel my face is very drawn looking. I live in the San Francisco bay area, currently in the process of finding doctors who perform this procedure. If you have time, I'd love to hear how it went for you!

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Hi bambi07,

I had an outstanding result with regard to cheeks and nasolabial folds with Dr. Stefan Szczerba in Rosemont, IL (immediately adjacent to O'Hare airport). I posted a review about it on this site.

If Chicago is a realistic location for you I would urge you to contact Dr. S.
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Hi Bambi07


I had a facelift and fat transfer done in November 2009 and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I liked the results so much that I went back for a second stage fat transfer in November 2010.  I am thin so the doctor had a hard time finding enough fat to add fat to my temple and forehead.  So I had this done the second time around and had a little more added to my cheeks.


I have had many compliments.  People that don't know I have had work think I am doing my hair differently or something along that line.  I am very happy with my results.


Fat transfer results have been hit or miss here on RealSelf so reasearch your surgeon very carefully.  Don't only look at before after pictures ask to talk to patients that have had the procedure.  Talk to people that have had it done more than a year or so ago so you know the final results.


I am here if you have any questions about my experience with fat transfers.
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hi misty. pleased to hear that you are happy with results.. i am considering fat transfer to cheeks, people have said it can be VERY sore afterwards, and can take weeks to heal.. also with scars where injectsion sights were, and uneven, or lumpy effects under skin. many thanks Misty.x

Hi Lizzieinengland


Actually my face wasn't really sore. I had bruises and was black and blue but I went back to work after a week.  There was also swelling, but that was gone in about a week as well.


What was sore was my back.  I am thin and the doctor said he had to work about an hour to get enough fat from my back so that was sore.  If you aren't very thin then this should be minimal.


I don't have any scars from the injection sites. They were red for a while but faded.


When you heal from a fat transfer it is not uncommon to have bumps and ridges but these fade.  I am very happy with my results, but fat transfers have mixed results.  You really have to find a qualified surgeon that is skill in doing them.


After checking a surgeons before and after pictures, I suggest talking to some of his/her patients.  If you do you home work and find a good surgeon a fat transfer can be a wonderful thing.
Hi Misty, Thank you for your informative post. I am not fat or thin, just a normal size 4 to 6. My face is typically full with high cheek bones. Last month, I had Ulthera treatment and fractional Co2 laser in the same session, which has turned out to be a disaster. My plump cheeks are no longer symmetric and my eyes look like they are sinking back in my head, due to fat atrophy. Ulthera claims it is the doctor's fault and the doctor is blaming it on Ulthera. As for me, I just want my face back and am looking for a very good doctor, with a great reputation to help me. Hopefully, within 200 miles of Raleigh, North Carolina.