I am interested in getting skin tightening on my face and neck

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I am a 50 year old woman who has generally good skin tone and texture.I have been using retin A and botox and fillers on a regular basis for about ten years as a part of a maintenance program. My md suggested adding laser tigtening to my regime. I would prefer a system with as little down time per session as possible. What treatment would be best for this , what is the average cost roughly per treatment and how many should I receive to get a good result? What is therecommended time frame between treatments? Is there any other treatment I should be adding to my program considering my age and previous treatments? Thanx for any info 

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Take a look at the Infini for skin tightening. The downtime is minimal - 36 hours of redness. My wife went to yoga immediately afterwards and ran after 12 hours. The results are fairly impressive. It is a microneedling RF fractional device. I have lectured on this device and am currently the highest user in the country. It is a huge step forward in skin tightening. See my article in RealSelf and I also have before and afters on this site.
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Hello dear. try jarvis cream. it's effective and you don't need to wait for long to see the result. I've tried it for mine and I was able to get rid of those awful wrinkles. It is also good for skin bacterial infections.
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Dont! It won't work . A waste of money. I had Thermage done 2 years ago and it was painful and did nothing. So I went to another Doctor who basically told me skin tightners do not do anything
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From what you describe I'm assuming you are seeing a dermatologist. If that's right, and you have been pleased with the care they have given you so far, you might want to ask what laser he/she has in their office and check out that specific one(s).

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