I'm Interested in Schulman's Smooth Tuck, and Looking for a N. Florida Doctor That Does the Procedure.

  • kathe
  • North Florida
  • 3 years ago

I live in North Florida, never had kids, am overweight (mostly a belly and flanks), but quite healthy, and need lipo and tummy tuck. I don't want MR at all for these reasons: (1) I'm 61; (2) I'm not a skinny; (3) I've read the accounts of what a muscle repair tummy tuck entails and I am NOT willing to endure the agony, the aggravation, the added surgical time, and the additional surgical risk. Where can I find a local doctor that knows how to do the Schulman Smooth Tuck procedure?

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I have attached a link which will provide you some information from our RealSelf doctors on the Smooth Tuck.

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