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Interested in Derma Wand for my partner...will wait 'til the jury decides!

  • hortitowers
  • Bridgetown, Western Australia
  • 1 year ago

Hi,  Maybe Derma Wand later. Meantime, a tip for you 'lined' ladies.. My partner (63) has a very lined face - lots of character and I think of them as laughing lines. For about the last 6-9months she's been using Bio Oil - a few tiny drops go a long way so it works out inexpensive too.  The results have been terrific.  Lines don't look so deep and the skin looks so much healthier, smoother and supple.  As a cosequence it's also made my partner so much more confident too! I bought the bio oil on e-bay from the UK (we're in Australia) and delivered cost was more than 40% less than local.

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Out of curiosity, how much is it in Australia? In California the regular price is $21 USD for a 2oz bottle, although I just got it on a 2 for the price of one sale. Maybe I should be selling it on eBay ; )

I love the Bio Oil!!!!