I am interested in a complex revision rhino with Dr Shah

  • charlie78
  • scotland
  • 2 years ago

I am desperately needing my nose fixed. It's ruining my life, happiness and confidence.  I had an email back from Dr Shah today but I dont know what it means. It says'   Hi Charlene Thanks for sending the pictures.  Here are my thoughts regarding your nose which is limited by the quality of the photographs and not seeing you in person: This is to serve as help in our upcoming skype call.  Thanks  Anil Shah Step off between the nasal bones and the middle vault of the nose (the dip you are referring to).  This in your case can be a result of collapse of the upper lateral cartilage. 

In some cases, the upper lateral cartilage has been overly resected which can make its replacement difficult.  The solution to this problem is the placement of spreader grafts along the bridge of your nose.  Thin skin along bridge of nose:  The addition of either perichondrium or fascia can be helpful to create a smoother bridge Deviated caudal septum.  A caudal septoplasty either repositioning or anchoring to spine of nose or using an alternate graft to provide a more functional airway and straighter nose. Asymmetric nostrils and columella- Improve septal alignment with graft to improve alar retraction bilateral Asymmetric nasal tip- Improve symmetry of lower lateral cartilage remnants and consider additional support if necessary Grafting Material-  Likely would need rib if this is 4th? rhinoplasty and nose deficient in cartilage.   What does fascia/grafts and spreaders do and mean??? Will my nose ever look normal with all this in it?    Also does anyone have any reviews good or bad on Dr Shah   Thanks so much