Interested in Getting BBL but Worried the Post-Pregnancy Skin on my Stomach Will Stay Flabby: Will it Retract?

  • aquariusbunz
  • Hialeah, FL
  • 1 year ago

im interested in getting the bbl but am worried the skin on my stomach will stay flabby due to 2 pregnancys will it retract ?. My son was 9 lbs 3oz and my daughter was 8lbs 10oz god they were both pretty long too so my stomachs were very big. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for several years now. I also finlly got the money saved to get my surgery done. My husband and family are all very supportive of me which is great can't go wrong with lots of emotional and moral support but I find myself uncertain of who to go to and what to get done. My stomach is the typical post pregnancy belly no matter how much diet and exercise Ido it.just doesn't seem to get better. I have seen alot of tummy tucks with really sloppy scars from respectable surgeons here in Miami fl. And its kind of hard to think it could happen and then I'm stuck with it from hip to hip for the rest of my life. I have put so much emotions and gym and diet into this that it would be devestating to end unhappy sad and depressed about the turn out. So I started looking into the bbl. My husband is a booty man. He loves so junk in the trunk and I have some. I got a typical Latina style shape . But with my pregnanys and diet it is not what it usto be. So I started to think maybe this would give me a better shape enhance what I go and make me and him happy. I have seen pics of other people that are a bit heavier then me come out banging and some how there stomachs don't sag or look flabby. I git stretch marks on my stomach that go to my belly button and that doesnt bother me just don't want to end up with an old ladie looking stomach all wrinkled looking cuz my stomach didint retact. But then I ask myself ow do they make these other ladies stomach look so flat when they had bellies before. So I wanted to see if any of you would be able to help me out I would love to have my old figure back and get my husband going gaga for me everytime he sees me. Oh I want to add I got married at 16 had my son at 19 was over weight at 232 got on diet preparing for tummy tuck went down to 192 and then found out I was pregnant with aughter an had her at 25 I was at 252 after she was born and got on a diet again and gym and have lost weight and am currently at 175. I was at 163 a few months ago but have had a few bumps along the way and I am a food eating stresser. Sucks why can't I lose my appetite like others do nope I'm the eating kind. So I am ready to.get this going. My hd says to do whatever I feel I will be happy with but its hard to decide. If the Lipo from the bbl will help my stomach out and I can be sure my skin will retract then I think I'm all in but if not I guess ill have To go with the tummy tuck. I would really prefer the bbl just to avoid the Hugh tt scar from hip to hip or worse a too high wavy tt scar yikes. Oh yeah I also want to get my boobs done but just to have the whole package, that's me being greedy though but can they both be done together. I know you can get them done with a tummy tuck. But not sure if it could be done with a bbl. And if anyone can recommend a good surgeon. I have looked into salzhauer, salama and Perry but just don't know who? Salama is booked till god knows when and I need to have surgery done soon I was looking at around late April early May. And would like him to do it but is booked for a while. I know he hots his understudy guhauri (or sontjing like that) but its not the same and he has very few pics and don't k.ow much of him so any advice would be good. I know salzhauer charges way more and mendiete is way out of my price range so do you guys have any advice for a newbie? Would truly appreciate it a lot... Thanks in advance for the time and info :)