• Beachy74
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • 2 years ago

I went for a ps consult 2 weeks ago, and just found out today that my insurance company will require more documentation before they'll even consider covering the surgery.  They want a few months of documented pain, rashes, etc, and treatment that goes along with that. Possibly physical therapy/chiropractic care.  Things we all know don't shrink boobs!  lol  I'm currently 5'5",  155 lbs.  I've lost 20 lbs over the last few years, and my cup size does not shrink, just the band.  Right now I'm a 34ddd.  I have a hard time finding bras with a large cup size and smaller band.  I was a full c until pregnancy and breastfeeding, when hormones ran wild!  I work out regularly, in great shape.  I'm continuing to lose weight with no breast shrinkage.  My ps estimated to put me around a full c, which I'm ok with. Any tips on expediting this process, or getting the documentation needed?  I'm so frustrated.