Will insurance cover the reconstruction part of my mommy makeover?

  • themamma60
  • Salem OR
  • 1 year ago

I was first diagnosed with having cancerous cells in my right breasts' milk ducts when I was 24. I had several ducts removed and went on to have two more children (already had two) and nurse both of them, mostly from left breast. In 1993 when I was 33 the condition returned and I had to have all the ducts I both breasts removed. Since that time I have one breast (my right) way smaller than the left. I am interviewing PS's for a mommy makeover. The first Dr. I saw said I cannot get a breast lift bc of the surgeries I have had most likely caused nerve damage. The incisions were made around the aeroelas. He said I could lose my nipples if he tried. He did think I could have an augmentation. I am going for another consult with another Dr. next week. I am wondering if insurance would pay for this portion of a mommy makeover.

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Was wondering if you got any info back on your question. I didn't have a mastectomy but am odd looking after mamosite surgery on one side and lumpectomy on the other. I want to know why medicare won't pay unless your breasts were removed.
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