Will my insurance cover my breast reduction I am 17 yrs old?

  • Keisha_J
  • Baltimore, MD
  • 3 years ago

I am 17 years old and been struggling with my enormous breast since 5th grade. I was not able to play any sports or run because I always have bad these Sharp pains in my back and in my chest area , it hurt mostly in my chest . When I have these chest pains they are a 8 and I have to lay there and deal with. My right breast is noticeably bigger than my left. I had my son at 17 . I have always had a small frame I'm 5"0 . My boobs are way bigger and the pain is getting worse . He is 3 1/2 months. I can't afford a breast reduction so I wonder if my insurance will cover it . I want to play sports this year I am out of my 38 ddd so I believe I'm bigger i don't know what size bra to get . I want to be a small C but I need a doctor who is willing to help me in my area.

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My insurance covered it based on the documentation from my doctor. My company was looking for; weight needing to be removed, back shoulder and neck pain, rashes under the breasts, back muscles, groves in shoulders and overall proportion with my frame. I am 5' tall, 40, weighed 130 & was a 38DD/E. I am now a 36C.
Every company and doctor is different. Get into your dr and get a referral to a plastic surgeon. That's where you need to start and work from there.
Keisha I'm not sure about any age restrictions, but insurance companies need to have a documented history of physical problems in order to approve insurance coverage for the surgery. If you haven't already done so, talk with your primary care doctor about your pain. Usually the primary care doctor will give you a referral to the plastic surgeon, who will go into more depth with you about how you are affected. The plastic surgeon will ask about things like back, neck, and shoulder pain; headaches; rashes under the breasts; and shoulder indentation/grooving. The more you have of these, the more likely it is that insurance will approve coverage of your surgery. Good luck!
Ahh Keisha that sounds horrid.
So sorry I cant help you, I am in the UK so we have nothing like you do in the states. I have my surgery next week but am having to pay for it.
However I thought I'd respond to give you a little moral support. I am sure someone in your area will respond too and with a bit more practical help than I can give you!

Chin up, there must be a way.