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Possible insurance will cover abdominoplasty because of back pain?

  • Live_Forever
  • Colorado
  • 4 years ago

I'm a young woman whose recently lost about 140 lbs. from pure diet & exercise, and now I am left with a lot of excess skin around my abdomen. Although I know insurance almost never covers cosmetic surgery, It's been stated that coverage is possible if the procedure's deemed medically necessary. Therefore, seeing as I believe carrying so much skin on my front is beginning to giving me significant back problems, can a enhance my chances of coverage if I provide documented proof that the skin is putting labor on my spine? Thank you!

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Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not pay for tummy tucks, regardless of the issues you are having due to excess skin. I would recommend contacting a board certified plastic surgeon to explore your options, though. Here is what a couple doctors have to say about this issue.

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