Will Injections Help These Smile Lines? I Am 24 Years Old.

  • Jaybay123
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2 years ago

I have battled with cystic acne for 10 years, so my skin is not in the best condition. After I lost the baby fat in my face, I noticed 3 wrinkles on each side of my mouth. I am going to be turning 24 soon and worry that no doctor will accept my interest in getting fillers in them. Would you suggest fillers for my lines? I have used Frownies, but they are very temporary and not what I want to do every day. I have a consultation next week, but have worries that I'll be rejected because of my age.

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I would doubt that the doctor would turn you away simply due to your age. Since everyone's body ages differently I would think they would look more at your area of concern and whether or not they felt injectables could treat it well.