Injectable fillers: do they advance aging?

  • droopi
  • 2 years ago

Apart from the risks involved in getting injectables (wrong type, wrong location, wrong PS), I have this sneaking suspicion that once injected (even without immediate problems) skin or underlying tissue develops differently. Often resulting in an older looking appearance in the long run. I may very well be wrong and I hope to find people here that have experience with dermal fillers for a few years. Perheps they can shed some light on how the skin or underlying tissue develops after injection. (and put my mind at ease)   What I often see in Hollywood stars, is after they've filled up the cheekbone area for some time, it starts looking quite aged. And frankly, quite odd aswell. For the moment I'll take actress Rose Mcgowan as an example. After a few years of using fillers, the deposition of fat on her cheeks seems very odd.    I fear once I start injectables, a tragic transformation like the one below will be inevitable. Is this fear justified or not? I'd like to hear your experiences!     When she was Marilyn Manson's girlfriend, before her own fame and likely without fillers:     [img][/img] Shortly after her role in Charmed, with fillers:   [img][/img]   After she stopped acting. Mind you, there are only 4 years between picture 2 and 3: [img][/img]     It seems unlikely to me that someone's cheek would simply collapse within a 4 yrs time frame. Such aging should not occur that rapidly.   Pictures like these feed my hesitation to start with fillers. But perhaps I'm overeacting?  I hope that people that have experienced fillers over the course of a few yrs will share their stories with us!