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Initial appointment this Thursday!!

  • Nomorbly
  • Cherokee, OK
  • 3 years ago

I'm pretty excited to say the least! I have been waiting for a tummy tuck for about 17 years and it is finally going to happen!! Woohoo!! Anyway, I have my initial appointment with my dr. this Thursday and I was just wondering what to expect. I am going to inquire about a tuck and a breast lift. I am so glad I found this site! I have read so much and watched actual surgeries (not sure if I should have though!) :/ I just can't quit being excited and I haven't even gone to the dr. yet! It's going to be a long week!!!

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Yay for you! You might want to start your story in our review community. We love it when users post their journey from the decision making process onward. It's great to watch the metamorphosis!

If you do go ahead with a tummy tuck and breast lift, I encourage you to check out our Mommy Makeover community. (Mommy Makeover = tummy tuck + breast lift).

Keep us posted!

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