Has anybody any information about rhinoplasty surgery with Mr Douglas McGeorge?

  • MargieJones33
  • 1 year ago

I was just wondering if anybody has had rhinoplasty surgery under Mr McGeorge (Merseyside UK) and what was your experience like? It is very hard to find any information on the web about him. Thanks Margie

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I am going to Douglas McGeorge for breast correction after botched surgery in Poland. He came highly recommended, and after meeting him I am so happy that I found him. He was so reassuring and easy to talk to. I have my op on November 14th. Are you still looking or did you go to Mr McGeorge? x

Thanks for your post! I hope some folks who've been to Dr. McGeorge will stop by and offer you feedback. We'd love to have you start your story about your journey to rhinoplasty on the site. You can go here to begin when you're ready! We'll be your own little support group. :)