Breast Reduction and Coumadin

  • amy.t
  • Las Vegas
  • 3 years ago

Does anyone have information regarding breast reduction and being on Coumadin?  Dr says withold for 2 days and all should be fine.

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Hey Amy! I'm so glad you are feeling well! I actually had a dream about you last night! And got on here so that I could see how you were. Hope you are continuing to feel well today!
I felt amazing today and actually worked half day. I think this has been an amazing experience, from my new BR friends, to the hospital care and the so far results. No pain meds just antibiotics. So excited about shopping . Energy is a bit low but this will come back. Drains out next Tuesday. Not sure about grams yet,waiting for report. Missed some of the info the PS gave me after surgery.
Holy Cow! I'm impressed that you went back to are Wonder Woman :-)
Shopping is a lot of fun. It is great to be able to find clothes that fit properly. My issue now though is that instead of losing weight...I seem to be gaining. Must be putting on my winter weight, but certainly don't want to expand my bottom when I'm finally happy with my top. Looks like I'm either going to have to drop the Christmas cookies, or start some form of exercise...not sure which would be easier.
Glad to hear you are doing well. I understand the feeling of the 2x4. I am unable to take pain meds as all. Could be worse. I guess every surgeon is different. I have drains for one week and could shower already. Drinking is very important. Called Dr today. Think UTI from the cath. What is the name of the 3 in one product?
oh my, you got a catheter? wow...yep every surgeon is different but jealous you get to shower...took a bath tonight and that was awkward and refreshing all in one! and my is Polysporin complete, with 3 antibiotics and a pain anti-itch but i swear it helped cut the itchy!
Yes Dec 5th was the big day. How are you doing?
all in all , pretty good...i have no drains in, can't shower till after my follow up appt on the 13th...ick! so sponge bathing is my new best frienx....woke up this morning and felt like my chest got beaten by a 2 x 4....but after i got my meds back in me, much better...wanted to start lessening the amount i am taking as the plumbing was starting to back up on me and hurt...that is now working good so just remembering to get lots of fluids (water, juice, soup broth, etc) and keep the fresh fruit coming! i peeked today undrr my dressing and put polysporin on the stitches as they were starting to itch and the poly i have is the 3 in one with an anti itch property, and pain reliever in it....that was heavenly!
how about you?
hey should post a review now that you are finally taken care of! wow what a lengthy process you have been through but now its time to sit back and heal! i think you and i had ours on the same day , dec 5th?
Thanks for the update. Good to hear.
Went to the PA at the clinic where I work since my PS is almost two hours away. She said that she didn't think it was an infection, my blood count was normal, no fever, no pain with palpation, no firm nodules, scars look great with no seperation. The redness also doesn't appear to be skin irritation as it is not on the surface of my skin, but more internal. She thinks that it is probably where the swelling and fluids that have yet to be absorbed have pooled. I still have good sensation and overall my surgical sites look amazing. I am going to lay off of the creams for awhile and I'm searching to find a bra that fits me better. The post-op bra the PS gave me and the sports bras that I've had for just a couple of weeks already don't seem to fit right anymore now that a good portion of my swelling has gone down. I'm going to call my PS on Wednesday if I'm not better, or sooner if I worsen and see what he says.
Mmm I was told not to use anything at all for 6 weeks. Despite that it was not 'drying' out enough so became macerated. In the end they used aquasilver to lift the healing, followed by Iodine infused gauze, all topped off with some antibiotics.
Good luck.
Thanks for the encouragement H! I am trying not to worry too much about it, but as I come into all kinds of germs with my work, I'm just nervous that it could be a serious infection...though I'm not running fever or anything. I'm going in to work early so the PA can take a look at me and decide what to do. I had wondered about the scar cream and the Bio Oil causing some type of reaction. I try to let it dry completely before I put the bra on, but that isn't always possible. I will let you know...
Thank again!
Hopefully it is just skin irritation? I find mine are irritated by all sorts of things. Bra, so maybe the washing powder, after all they are in touch with it for longer than usual. Creme, I had to stop using the Bio Oil cos it irriated. Now they are becoming sensitive to Aqueous moisturiser.
maybe try giving them more air per day than uswual? In private, obviously!
Hey Amy! How are you? When do you leave for Hawaii? I'm about 3 1/2 weeks post op and have been doing wonderfully. This weekend I'm starting with some redness in both breasts under the nipples and off to both sides. My scars look great it is just the tissue that is red. I'm a bit concerned about cellulitis, but would think that it wouldn't necessarily be affecting both breasts at the same time. Maybe I'm just allergic to the scar cream I'm using or something. Am going to have somebody at my clinic look at it tomorrow and advise me.
Hope you have a great trip...and you are right, October is just around the corner!
Checking in on how you are doing? Not sur if you are still on the web, I am finally reschedule Dec 5. Much has happened and back on track with the Dr. My 2 best friends have both had the surgery and could not be happier. Hope all is well with you.
Hey Amy! It is so good to hear from you! I'm doing well. My scars are healing so nicely. In fact the vertical scars and the ones around the nipples are pretty much gone! My only concern is that at 3 months post op I'm still a 34D-34DD...even a 36DD. That is much larger than the C I was hoping for. I wonder if I will do much more shrinking?

I'm so happy for you that you are scheduled now! December sounds like a long time off, but it will certainly be here soon!

How are your friends doing after their surgeries? Are they on this site? Did you stick with the same surgeon, or did you go to someone else?

Sorry for all of the questions...its just so great to hear from you!
How was Hawaii? I can only imagine the wonderful time you had there!
Thank you for your response. I am listenting to all the comments about going smaller and I am taking note of this and talking to my surgeon again and think I will go a little smaller than I thought. Both my friend are doing great. One had 2 hematomas and still would do it again, however smaller she says too. The other had no complications, however states lots of pain and fullness like nursing. After 6 weeks much better she says.
Same surgeon. She does lots of reconstuctions after breast cancer, so I feel this is a piece of cake for her.
Hawaii was ok, kept thinking about the bathing suits I bought and could not wear. Oh well on the bright side winter is a time when I wear sweaters and can hide those drainage tubes. My friends are not on the site, they are so very private. I told them they should, however respect their wishes. Dec 5 just under three weeks. I am excited and know I am doing the right thing. Will most likely be spending the night unless everything is just perfect. I was going to a surgical center, however they changed it to an inpatient hospital setting.
I have heard from some even after 3 months there can be shrinkage. I guess everyone is so different.
I sure hope so.....
I went to 2 surgeons before making a decision. One Dr. said for me to be a C i would need 600 grms or so the other says 300-400. What a difference. I am not focused on the grms as much as the result. My insurance is kinda different, covers 50 percent if medically necessary and does not focus on grams. Most women having this done, are doing this for medical reasons.
Do you have any pain at all now?
No pain at all now. I occassionally have some itching, especially around my nipples right at the scar, but that is it. Sometimes the band of my bra rubs on my lower incisions, this doesn't hurt, just makes me feel like I want to massage it.

I have been using ScarZone on my incisions and am happy with the progress I'm seeing from it.

I'm so excited for you that your day is almost here! You have had such a long wait and I will be anxious to hear all about it.

I think I will be going back to my PS after the first of the year to have some of the tissue removed from under my arm. My insurance would not pay to have it done at the same time so I will go in and he will take care of it right in his office under local anesthesia. I don't have a lot, but it is enough that it spills over my bra strap and I figured that since I went through all of this I will spend a little bit more to be really comfortable and confident in my clothes.
The one friend that just had her BR also had the side tissue under her arm removed. They charged 1,000 extra while she had her BR and also was not covered. She could not be happier with the results. She is actually a whole new woman aftr her procedure. Confience and no more neck pain.
I will get ScarZone too. Thanks.
Yesterday the PS office called an I was scared about another glitch. They just wanted to see if I would go to a surgical center instead. (more personal attention and cheaper) Sounded great however one of my insurance co will not cover it there. Silly since the price difference is substantial. All is good we are still on. I told them I would not be able to handle another setback. The anxiety is toooo much for me. Just a few days over 2 weeks then I to can post a real experience. Thank you for all your support. It truly helps, more than you will ever know.
Had the preop today. So close only 6 days away. PS said today she feels confident I will have relief from some of my pains with the BR.
How expensive will the procudre be to remove the tissue from under the arm? I am sure after my BR I will feel the same way.
I will be shoppig this week for all the extras real self has taught me. ScarZone, extra support bra and on and on..
My Dr. said today that she too is excited for me. The funniest thing, I feel confident this time will happen and after reviewing many posts am going smaller than I had originally thought. Things happen for a reason. The Dr. said the lighter they are the more likely my symptoms will improve.
I have to thank all for there posts.
This week will probably fly by and creep along at the same time. I am so glad that you feel relaxed and ready for this. Maybe the delays happened for a reason and you are right where you are suppose to be now!
When I was at my last appointment the nurse said we could probably work out a deal to have the underarm tissue removed for around $500. I have spoken with some other people who said their surgeons did it at the time of surgery for an additional $1000. My insurance wouldn't allow me to have it done at the same time though.
I don't really want to spend the extra money, but it does bother me when I have that bulge around my bra band.
I pray that you will remain calm and relaxed throughout this week, and that you will have a swift and full recovery!
I will be so anxious to hear how it goes for you and how you feel afterward.
Wow finally on the road to recovery. BR surgery went well. Went home that evening. Notice a huge difference already. I sure appreciate all the info this website has given me. Without this website I really would not have been as prepared for recovery. Thank you.
I have to now wait until after Oct 15.. This is why I am so bummmed. Plus as you know the anxiety is overwhelming. Called the Coumadin Clinic told them, they said Oh NO this could not have happened to a person with more anxiety. I have a trip to hawaii planned at the end of Sept and needed a month to heal before the dr said that I would go into the ocean. Went shopping late yesterday afternoon after the cancellation for bathing suits and summer wear. Wanted to wait to buy the suit in Hawaii a very different size. Did not want to spend anymore money on this size. Found an excellent buy on a 138.00 suit marked down to 33. Coca Reef comes in fairly decent sizes. 34DDD with underwire built in. Still not perfect but better than spending over a hundred on the internet.
You are right. It will all work out. Trying to stay positive and stop looking at pictures on the internet. Hard to focus on anything else. Thanks again for the positive remarks.
How are you feeling, since all I seem to think about is me. How is the swelling and pain?
That is such a bummer! Are you having to push it back so far because of your trip? How long will you be gone?

I certainly haven't thought a thing about me! I have been consumed with thoughts of you. This is just such a disappointing and unexpected thing that you have had to go through. Trust me when I say that before my surgery I seemed very self-absorbed, but now that it is over, I'm so relaxed about me that I'm more curious as to how everyone else is doing. But I am doing well. I really have not been slowed down too much. The first couple of days were rough, but I think most of that was due to the side effects I was having from the Scopolamine Patch. Now I'm feeling so good that I think I do too much sometimes because I don't hurt enough. Though I did go to my son's football game last night and tried really hard to be good, but still think I did too much clapping, because my pecs hurt today.

Hawaii?? How lucky! I know you were planning on celebrating and recovering there, but maybe you can use it to help you through this anxious time. No better place to relax and be pampered! And maybe it will be good to give the girls more of a rest before exposing them to all of the activity you will be doing in paradise!

You will be in my thoughts! And keep in touch over the next couple of months. I have enjoyed getting to "know" you!
Just checking in how you are doing? Thinking of all of you and wishing I were there too. Soon the middle of October is when the big day is.. Hope you are all recovering well and enjoying the new you...