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More info about organic skin care ?

  • Ecobud
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  • 7 years ago

can anyone out there 'educate' me about true "organic" skin care? i like the idea but so many products say organic that i am not sure..... i have tried some with good experience but interested to know more about organic from our experts....thanx a mill

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Hello, Organic Skin Care means the natural power which brings perfect complexion. There are various Organic Skin Car products which makes your skin look best.
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USDA is not the only certification body worth looking at. This French based organization (very little known outside France) is probably the strictest - Look for a new skincare line certifed by them here -
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LuLu Blossom is a fairly small, natural skin care company. They use organic/natural products. LuLu sells around the midwest US, but she's expanding right now! Her shop is and she posts all about her products on

I'd like to go ahead and suggest the sugar scrub melts... they smell like frosting and I LOVE THEM! :)
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Made from Earth organic skin care has always been my wife's and I favorite company. They have products that we both enjoy - for my wife, she loves their Rosehip Serum and I love the Pure Aloe Skin Treatment since it has no perfumy smells. And its so healthy for you. I recommend them. is the link
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Any time you purchase these products, you are putting your trust in them.

You are right to assume that they are not always what they claim to be.

A way to deal with this is to simply make your own by buying organic ingredients in bulk and using internet recipes.

I run an skin line of organic natural care products and purchase my ingredients from the most reputable online sources I can come by. Their herbs, oils and butters are regulated, they track where all of them are grown and harvested and they have been around for years.

My advice is if you do not want to make your own, research. It never hurts to learn as much as you can about your products, food etc. Be oversight.

Good luck.
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i understand sometimes unsupported claims are made but you have to try be sure the products are what they say they are.
check out for third party certified organics
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There are many products from different brands labeled organic and natural, however i prefer home made soaps and shampoos made without any added preservatives or the ones not involving any kind of processing.
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pamela bond has amazing, natural skin c are products and a fabulous philosophy. check them out at they smell so good you could eat them! but i don't suggest it! ha. arcona is another great line....
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organic isnt a regulated term so don't trust it unless you're buying from a really ethical store. i would be very skeptical! i too would love suggestions on good organic skin care prodcucts. don't want harsh chemcals, fragrences, dyes, or new technology that my body absorbs like nanopetpides
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I read that Origins is coming out with a line of personal care products that are USDA approved organic. Which means it contains at least 95% organic ingredients which refers to the way the ingredients are grown and processed.
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