Indented/Depressed Scar which looks hyper-pigmented due to poor healing?

  • daphneatte
  • 10 months ago

Hi there, would anyone be able to help on this? I have this scar from a scrapping accident 6 weeks back. Due to my nature of work, alot of washing was involved and it resulted it too quick and poor healing. I was wondering would stitching at the point of the accident have minimized the scarring? I am left with this scar which looks hyper-pigmented at certain angles due to the mild indentation/folding/depressed area. I was wondering would such a scar improve in anyway over time or is it likely to be permanent? Would excision or incision procedures be feasible, laser or any injections do to improve the appearance of it? I am currently applying mederma and silicone gels. Would it be of any help? Any advices would really help.Thanks alot for the advices!

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Scars can be tricky sometimes. Best rules for healing scars are to keep moist with lotions and keep out of the sun. Using Aquaphor, an over the counter made by Eucerine, can be applied at night and wrapped with cling wrap works as well as the expensive gel sheeting products. Most scars will become red at first due to the normal healing process and infiltration of new vessels. Try running your fingers over the scar and see if the color disappears. If so, it is vascular and not hyper-pigmented. The indentation of the scar may not resolve on it's own in time but the red can be reduced with IPL treatments or non invasive LED treatments.