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swelling after compression garment

  • majatummy
  • Houston
  • 3 years ago

Did most of you have increased swelling when you stopped wearing a compression garment? Any advice about this next phase?

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I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. I only work 3 days a week, and mostly it's fairly casual. I still wear my binder most days, and at night. It just keeps me more comfortable.

Usually I'm okay in the morning, but ab is tight. Without binder, my lower ab feels more tight and swollen as the day wears on. If I just wear the binder, it doesn't.

Hopefully, I am not just postponing the inevitable. If I continue to do this, will I still run into the same problem down the road? Should I just put up with it now, or will the swelling subside and I'll be more comfortable while it does?

A few days, I have worn Spanx or other tummy control panties. I find I get the same swelling with them on, and the panties dig into my waist. Also, I find my abdomen feels stingy - with the binder, it doesn't.
I did not have swelling right away. I had my first bout of swell hell yesterday. I will be 4 weeks post op on wed. this week. I was even wearing my Spanx.... Woke up this morning all swollen still so I put on my spans then my binder over the top of it. By this evening my swelling was way down,....
I would like to see the answers to this question...