All inclusive pricing for Butt Aug

  • Getabooty
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 3 years ago

I am trying to find a doctor on the east coast with a great price for a butt augmentation.  Does anyone know of any great doctor.  I would prefer to stay in the US.  I am afraid that something will go wrong and I will not have any recourse!

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What is consider everything? For the price?
Sorry Char123 for the late response. But better late than never. Everything means, anesthesia and the facility fee as well as surgery.
Well I saw a Dr. DeLuuew in Delaware and he quoted me a price of $5900 which is a great price, and this includes everything. The only problem is that I am so scared of the tuck, I had one before and boy that pain was TERRIBLE. I waited for a while for your response and then I started to do some research on my own. I will look at the list that you have provided. Thanks for your response. Have a wonderful day.

Hi bryvin,

You can definitely get it done for a fair price in the US. I see that you're in MD, which has some great BBL docs. Here's a list.

Out of curiosity, did you have a price range in mind?