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I wonder how many inches I will lose

  • jenjk3ks
  • Abilene, TX
  • 3 years ago

I am wondering how many inches I will lose after my tummy tuck on June 15th 2011.. I am can not wait... I wish it was tommorow...

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That is the question of the day :)  Try not to focus on the weight and inch loss.  Each person is so different and it all takes time. 

You may not notice any changes for the first 6-10 weeks due to swelling, fluid retention and activity levels.  Women are all over the board with this one.  Some drop pounds and inches quickly and others not.  Try to stay away from the scale and tape measure for the first 6-8 weeks.  It may only frustrate you. 

You could notice changes in your body for up to a year which is what happened for me. 

After surgery just focus on a healthy diet, proper rest and healing.   It will all fall into place with time.  Once you are cleared for exercise it is extremely important to get regular cardio and weight training in order to keep your new figure. 

I have read about women who did not drop a clothes size but their clothes fit much nicer without all the lumps, bumps and muffin tops coming out the top of the pants. 
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this is what has happend with me, i seem to be in the same clothes size at the mo (2 weeks post op) but they look fab on me now, i am happy with this and its what my expectations were, although hoping to tone up now :)
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You will notice changes taking place in your body for the next several months.  As the swelling goes down and the healing settles in you will slim out like crazy.  Clothes feel and fit amazing now.  No lumps, bumps and double muffin tops. 

It has always been amazing to me how much my body has changed from month to month this past year.  I do watch my diet and also exercise 4-5 times a week but man...I am loving it.  I actually have hip bones...didn't know I ever had those..LOL 

It all takes time and patience.  Pre OP I weighed 134 and was is a size 10.  Now one year later I weigh 120 and wear sizes 4 and 6 petite.  All so crazy to me...
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Everyone is very different and it's probably impossible to predict. Fun to imagine those inches gone though, huh? Here's what some doctors have to say about losing inches after tummy tuck and lipo.

I would encourage you to head over to our Tummy Tuck Review Community and post your story (even before surgery, as it will garner you lots of support and guidance).

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