Has anyone in forum had repeat reduction after several years?

  • bellasma
  • Spokane WA
  • 2 years ago

I'm 57  and very small boned.  I had reduction 30 years ago and went from 38E to 36 C.  Looked fabulous even after 25 years.  When I started into "the change"  my weight began to climb and much of it in my breasts so I'm now 42DD  I have had costal chondritis throughout ribcage since age 19 which causes constant swelling and pain throughout ribcage.  I used to be jogger until about 1996.  Ran 3 miles around mall early AM until one day tripped and fell onto a concrete curb - unable to break my fall I hit just below breasts and fractured several ribs - which have never stopped hurting when any pressure is applied.  I cannot wear any type of supportive bra and shapers are out due to noticeable asymmetry. Today is 9/18.   I had my third PS consult regarding repeat breast reduction.  I saw a highly rated "Top Doc" about having a repeat reduction. I'd seen him back him 2003 for same situation only then I was 38D w/asymmetry.  After first appt. he said "I have women coming to me to look like you do"  Be happy with what you have.  He didn't even listen to my reason for wanting 2nd BR.  He seems only interested in "aesthetic" outcome.  He told me he would only take about 250R and 170L and would not touch nipple so I would not be much smaller.   I said that's the same thing you said 9 years ago and he looked at chart and said "it is".  However, he had me down as weighing 172 back then but that was NOT TRUE.  I was only about 130lbs very small boned and wore a size 6/8  - except for bust area.   Last week I went to 2nd TOP DOC and he was learly of trying to remove much tissue due to risk of nipple loss.  He said he could not tell where the blood supply to my nipples were since I had prior reduction so many years ago (no records).  He referred me back to his collegue - the original doc I saw and the one I just saw today.  Last month I had consult with female PS - not listed as Top Doc on ARVO but very highly recommended by one of the best PCPs in entire NW.   This PS Doc had no doubt that she could take at least 500g off r and 650 on L. Tthat's a lot of tissue and although I would like to be a B cup,  I'm concerned that she might take too much off and I'll look more like a guy.   Anyway, before I left herr office, they set up a surgery date for end of Sept..    I spoke with my insurance company and they said I did not have referral for more than one visit with that doc and still no approval for surgery so I got scared and cancelled my pre-op appt that was supposed to be 9/17.  On e of the posts on this forum pointed out that all things happen for a reason.  Maybe that's why I'm going through so many complicatioons.  My dad is extremely sick - not likely to live more than a few more weeks.  Perhaps surgery on Sept. 27th would have been bad timing.   I just have to remember to trust in our Creator.  More to come including pics....Bellasma