How in depth does my research for a dr need to go? I'm troubled by this article on a potential dr.

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So I was just about to make an appointment with for a breast reduction with a well known Kansas dr, when I ran into this article on the, a local magazine:   If you've read through all the pages of the article, you will see it's pretty damn disturbing. Most upsetting of all is the fact that drs can have malpractice suits and official reprimands but they won't show up on basic review pages. I mean, wtf?  I realize that all surgery has risks, and not everyone is going to heal the same way, or feel good about the outcome, but surely finding the right dr can possibly minimize this, right?  I'm wondering how much research everyone did for their breast reduction dr, and how you finally decided to go with one dr over another. I'm going on the assumption that insurance is going to be covering me, because of my huge cup size, and documented back and neck pain, otherwise I couldn't afford this.  However, I can't afford to pay fifty dollars per consultation and check out very many drs in person at that price. Are there places I can look for malpractice suits, etc, that WILL show up, since the usual suspects that I used (web md, rate a, etc) didn't show any of the extremely troubling information about this local dr? 

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Thank you Surg and Acs. I appreciate your comments.
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For me the moment of choosing a surgeon was simple. By some complete miracle I switched locations in my retail job, and ended up working with not 1, but 3 girls my age who had all had br. And two of them had used the same doctor. Not only did speaking with them clinch my decision about getting the surgery, knowing that two young women had had great experiences and results with the same doctor was wonderful.

I am scheduled for next month, and have only met her once. But she seems wonderful. Referrals speak for themselves. Ask around to people in your area. If you hear a name twice along with good remarks, I would think that is the way to go. Don't go torturing yourself searching online databases too much.

Experience is better in my opinion. I know what to expect from her, and I know what her results are like.
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salt water - I can understand your concern and the anxiety that goes into picking a plastic surgeon that is qualified. The BEST way to narrow the chance of selecting a "bad" surgeon is to select one that is board certified. American Society of Plastic Surgeon's website ( is a great resource. This site is also a great resource. It is possible that a few of the members here have used your surgeon. Try searching his name here.
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