my implants are too high, can I do anything to lower them?

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  • 4 years ago

I am about 4 weeks post breast augmentation and my breasts are still very high. My doctor and I discussed a "natural breast" and instead I have cleavage even without a bra. I have been wearing a band-o strap for about 3 weeks now and still not getting the results that we talked about. Is there anything I can do, such as a different massage, to make them more natural looking?

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Glad to hear they settled! Thanks so much for posting your experience at RealSelf.

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I thought I should re-post in case it could be helpful for others about to post the same question/concern. It has been just over two months since I had my breast augmentation (and mommy makeover!) and I am completely happy with my results. I suggest to anyone who is concerned to give it time! My swelling is down and so are my breasts! Of course, if you have concerns, call your doctor. After all, that is why they get the big bucks!
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