Considering Implants. Will I be able to continue to workout(kickboxing)Will the implants encounter ruptures or complications?

  • Curious_cat
  • san jose,ca
  • 3 years ago

I am considering implants but I want to know if I can return to my normal workouts after the implants? I do kickboxing, a lot of moving, lifting, push ups but I'm worried that may cause ruptures, complications, or for the implants to burst? I would like to hear feedbacks, advices, and stories. I want to know if implants will be durable enough to withold the workout and mammograph. Thank You so much.

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I had a Mommy Makeover which included breast implants on June 14. I am back working out however, I am still using light weights for bench press and skull crushers. I resumed pushups about 9-10 weeks out and they are still a little uncomfortable. My implants are fairly small (287cc silicone) as I am small and active. I run competitively and train hard. I have not yet had a mammogram so I cannot comment on that but I have been told that will not cause them to rupture. Please see my complete recovery journal under Mommy Makeovers from RunningSue.

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Good question. Here's what doctors say about exercising after getting implants. And here's some information about getting mammograms after augmentation. Hope this helps!

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