Why does one of my implants feel there's like a air pocket?

  • jackie76
  • california
  • 4 years ago

I had gel implants place in about 4 weeks ago. "Nipple Incision". One side near the incisions feels like an air pocket, or like a bag crease with water inside. I press on it and i can feel the bag or something. On my right side doesn't feel that way. Does it mean something is not right?

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After nearly 10 months I had mine re-done...I was unhappy my nipples were pointing down. I also had capsular contraction on my right. The air pocket on my left has no more are pocket but the my right doesn't feel soft like the one on my left.
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i have just had breast augmentation done,under the muscle,thru nipple and yes i am in terrible pain. my question pertains to "the air bubble"how long does this last? what happens if it doesnt go away? and right now my breast look so tight will it look like my breast are "fake" or will the that look go away. if you get too big sometimes that look is always there is that right?
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