Implant revision - I am too small now :-( What can I do ?

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Mid April I had revision surgery on my 250cc implants, over the muscle. I wore a 34c bra (but on the loosest clip)   I have been very self conscious, of my large breats - dresses always snug/verging on tight, tops concealing big round balls of silicone, as I am 5ft 2, about 117 lbs with a rib measurement of 29 inches . My implants were almost 15 years old & last year I had a lump, which under ultrasound, showed silicone diffusion. Although after a mammogram & MRI scan, no rupture or leakage was found.    I decided to replace them - explant without replacement not an option as I was literally concave before op - but wanted to be a less obvious. Whilst I disliked & was self conscious of their 'wideness', I was keen not to loose too much projection.   

Anyway, I had an implant reduction to 175cc, over the muscle. This was 4 weeks ago. Op fine & am still wearing the support bra.    My concern & anguish is that I've gone for years trying to hide them & now I effectively can't find them :-/.   I expected to lose a cm on the width & 1/2 cm on the projection, but they feel much smaller. So much so, that I was unable to find ANY bras that fitted me yesterday. I am just not filling the bras, I tried 36a, 34b & 34a where I could find them.   I said to my PS that I wanted to be smaller & we looked at charts. He uses Allergan & measured my breast tissue to do a rough calculation & expected to downsize by 50-60cc but has in fact gone down by 75cc.   I though I'd covered all bases but I'm kicking myself because something's not quite right :-(

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Hi, thanks for posting. I have to say that now they are a pretty good fit for me & I would have been so much happier had I been this size 15 yrs ago. Although I'd feel even better if I could get a bra to fit me !

What size are you now & what is your height/weight & what size implants do you have ?
hi, thank you for sharing your story... I am thinking to go smaller too after almost 4 weeks BA but I also don't want to go too small... so hard... I hate my big implants but don't want to regret getting them smaller either.. so hard :(
Thanks...I understand they are moderate profile Allergan, Insipra range.

Is that the case, that there isn't much difference ? I feel my breasts are wide, they do squeeze together, so I have a cleavage. It's just that I've gone from overfilling tops/bras/bikinis, to underfilling. I had hoped of just being normal & FITTING a bra.

I'm wondering if it's some sort of semi shock & readjustment needed.

I'm seeing my surgeon next week - although I'm not sure what to say & what he'll say.

My husband says they are fine....

If I did decide to increase them, what are my options ? I think high profile would give a fake upper pole fullness ?

I'm sorry you're not happy with how your breasts look now. Have you brought up your unhappiness with your surgeon? There isn't that much difference between 50-60 and 75. Were your new implants high profile, moderate, etc.?