Implant Removal and uplift together or separately?

  • Rachel K
  • 2 years ago

Hi Ladies, I'm so relieved to have found this great site. Thanks to all for sharing their stories and photos.  V inspiring.

I got silicone implants on the nhs 16 years ago (when i was 20) for saggy, asymmetrical breast, taking me from a b and c cup up to a dd. I received no follow up care or advice and in fact haven't had any probs cosmetically, even after 2 pregnancies, 1 with triplets and breastfeeding all 4!

However, I've been unwell with chronic fatigue and constant viruses for the best part of 12 years, and finally realise and am convinced  this could well have been caused by silicone toxicity so want them removed asap.

Dilemma - as i was saggy and asymmetrical before I had the implants I doubt very much if i would be happy with the results if i just had them removed with no uplift.  But I have seen 2 surgeons who differ in their opinion and would be really, really grateful for your advice... one surgeon said that if both procedures were done together the risks are increased considerably and that i would end up with very small breasts and lots of scarring, and that results would be better if i had the explant, waited for breast tissue to settle and then had the uplift.

The other surgeon thinks there is no reason to do the procedures separately and that the results would be the same whether done together or not. Any advice would be great - thank you.

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Everything I've read, as well as the advice from the PS, says you should remove the capsules to allow better healing. The PS I met with said he never leaves the capsules in and by doing so, it increases the chance of the chest muscle not healing properly (he used different terms, but they escape me right now). I originally wanted the implants out under local so I can do it now (easier recovery and less expensive) but he wasn't willing to leave the capsules in (nor to do a local with the capsulectomy) now I wait until I can save up more money.
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Hey Karen, That is encouraging for me - to be sure i am doing the right thing and you must hold onto that thought too. I also was hoping for explantation under local but don't see the point of going through all this half heartedly and just want to be well. When i know the difference in waiting times and the exact costs i will proceed with total capsulectomy on the nhs or privately. I take it you are not in the UK? Are there any health finance packages available to you so you can 'buy now, pay later'? Speak soon.
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I just had my consult yesterday to get my 11 year old implants removed. My PS won't do both surgeries at once - he said there isn't enough blood supply to do both at once and the outcome can be really bad. I know I've read that some women have had both the explant and lift at the same time, but I've also read plenty of stories where women have had their implants removed and then waited 3-6 months to see what they were left with because it may be that the lift isn't necessary at all. I'm fairly confident that's what I'll be doing - explant surgery, wait and then decide whether a lift is necessary.

Good luck!
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Hi Karen, Thanks for posting. God, all so confusing! How can so many PS's disagree? As I already know I will need an uplift I would really like to get it all over and done with in one hit. Especially as I'll be travelling to another country without my husband and kids. Will let you know how my consultation next week goes.... Are you going for total capsule removal? Have you had any health issues or just decided you want rid?
Thanks again.
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I'm planning to get a second opinion (based on other issues) - I probably won't have my surgery until the end of the year (due to the costs and time off from work). Yes, I'm having the capsule removed. The PS I met with said he didn't think there was much scar tissue built up (how they know, I'm not really sure). I haven't had any "real" health issues, but I do have a constant ache/pain in my left shoulder blade area and that just happens to be the side they over-filled. I've had the pain ever since I got the implants 11 years ago and it just recently dawned on me that it probably was from the implants. I just want to get back to ME - get these bags out of my chest! I'm a lot more active (at 41) than I was when I got them and they're just in the way.
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Hi Karen,
I've just had my consultation now too and ps advises to do op in 2 stages because the capsulectomy is pretty major surgery and increases risk significantly. I'm disappointed but will go with his decision. He tried to convince me to have implants removed alone - without the capsules as this is far simpler and less risky and uplift could be done at the same time but as i believe i will not get better unless i remove the capsules too i am going to do that. Why are you choosing to remove the capsules if you are not unwell? Yes, can't wait to be more healthy, active and happy!
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I've heard differing opinions on this as well. I would recommend seeing another surgeon to "break the tie" so to speak. You also might want to post this as a question (with a photo if possible) to the doctors in the Q&A community.

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