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Nasal implant inflammed or misplaced by doctor?

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  • New York
  • 4 years ago

Got a rhino-revision after 48 days.Old nose was round and Dr used 3mm-L-shape silicon.After bandages came off felt my bridge was too high.I had no dip between my forehead and nose.I looked like avatar from the side.When you touch my bridge,you can feel the silicon starting right under my forehead.Dr said he didn't start it high and that it was inflammed.If the swelling doesn't go down he will have to re-operate.After 48 days,he decided it was best to clean out my nose/put in new silicon.Will take off bandage tomorrow.My concern is,was it really inflammed or did he mess up?Please help!

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Hi, The problem is that you had an L-shaped "one size fits all" implant put in... it sounds like it just doesnt fit your nose. If it is infected it should come out, but it just sounds like it wasnt put in right. The best way to fix this is to put in a custom carved SlupImplant. This implant is custom carved to fit your nose. If you just get another preformed implant you will still have an issue.
Hello, Dr..Thank you for your response. I didn't have enough room to mention that my nose was also swollen for the entire 48 days and it didn't seem to get any better. Tip was red and I felt pressure on the bridge. I got my second rhinoplasty done 10 days ago and wow what a difference! Swelling has gone down alot and I actually look normal. (Before I looked like avatar) My question is, what do you think caused my inflammation or infection the first time? Was my nose rejecting the silicon? If so, how come it's not rejecting it now? Thank you for your help!