Which Implant???

  • Peglet
  • Sydney
  • 2 years ago

My PS has given me the name of 2 implants that he thinks would suit me, when he does the change over from an expander, and asked me if I would like to ask here for comments from you lovely ladies that may have already had one of them implanted. One is a Allergan style 410 Soft Touch and the other is Silimed Natural Shape which is covered in a layer of polyurethane-foam that creates a ‘furry’ feel. He has said both are excellent and he would be happy to use either on me.. I love how he is involving me in all aspects of my reconstruction, and is very happy to hear I have been on forums looking up lots of information for myself.  If I cannot decide on which implant I want we will make a decision together when I see him next in 2 weeks. Anyone out there with experience with either of them.....Thanks