Which Implant???

  • Peglet
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  • 2 years ago

My PS has given me the name of 2 implants that he thinks would suit me, when he does the change over from an expander, and asked me if I would like to ask here for comments from you lovely ladies that may have already had one of them implanted. One is a Allergan style 410 Soft Touch and the other is Silimed Natural Shape which is covered in a layer of polyurethane-foam that creates a ‘furry’ feel. He has said both are excellent and he would be happy to use either on me.. I love how he is involving me in all aspects of my reconstruction, and is very happy to hear I have been on forums looking up lots of information for myself.  If I cannot decide on which implant I want we will make a decision together when I see him next in 2 weeks. Anyone out there with experience with either of them.....Thanks

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I am so pleased to hear your confident response. You are on your way to achieving your best possible outcome. xo
Hi Beverly.
After your comments about the sientra implants being the 'gummy bear' implants, I did some more research and indead found they are the 'gummy bear' ones. After talking to my PS, and discussing different sizes, width, height etc, we have decided to go with the Allergan style 410 Soft Touch. I believe these too are 'gummy bears', but I trust my PS 100% and he has told me he personally has not problems with these implants in any of his patients.... so I am happy to go with what he has recommended.
It is lovely to know that you are so caring about us....Thanks Beverly
Hi Beverly,
I don't think the Silimed implant is the gummy bear one.
It has a silcone in the middle wich is similar to the Allergan one, but has a different covering. It has the appearance of suede.
My PS has shown both to me in his office and I was able to 'squeeze' both. The Silimed ones have been around for about 30 years and have been approved here in Australia I think for a couple of years. This differnt covering of the implant, reportedly reduces the risk of Capsular Contracture.
My PS uses both and is very happy with the results of both implants.
It is really hard to know what to choose and I do know that it will be inside my body for a long time, and I really do not want to make the wrong decision

There are several discussions from contributing physicians on this subject in the Q&A section of RealSelf.
Personally, I chose Mentor memory gel implants for my breast reconstruction. I am very pleased with the outcome.
The "gummy bear" by Sientra was recently FDA approved. My thinking is just because it is new doesn't mean it is the best choice. The data from real patients receiving these implants in clinical trials is not long term enough for me to trust in their safety. In the end, the decision is yours to make. Choose wisely.