different impalnts

  • Sexydork
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 2 years ago

I've been wondering if anyone has actually gotten 2 different styles of implants put in(not cc obviously ppl have different ccs put in the implant, im talking about the style of the implant). thanks much

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Also, have you heard of doing a breast reduction for perkiness instead of lift and the putting an implant in? I'm curious if this could make a breast more perky than a lift could. I want more cleavage at the top
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I havent ever heard of that happening either until i went into a consult and the patient coordinator pick 2 different styles of implants for me to have put in cuz of the differences between the 2 breast. but i figured after the BL there shouldnt be that much of a difference between them, to have 2 different style implants.
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What a fascinating question! I've never heard of this! I hope some ladies come on board and tell us if they know of this happening.

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