Can you tell immediately if you recieved a good suction and fit that is likely to yeild results?

  • inHollywood
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 1 year ago

I'm fresh back from my second round of Coolsculpting treatment. I felt instantly that the Coolfit applicator on the abs was lock tight and frozen. When removed the area was solid and felt icy. I had my love handles treated too, where there is more fat. They use the Coolcurve for the love handles. The suction wasn't as strong and if I moved it would lose contact a bit. When the hand pieces came off the love handles, it was cold and red but not solid and not anything close to the feel and look of the abdomen. I messaged them 2 minutes after the removal and there was no icy feeling. 3 hours later now my love handles are a bit swollen...but otherwise no tingle or numbness as all. Opposite for the abs. I received excellent care and assurance it was successful. On my first treatment for love handles with another doctor, they had trouble getting good suction there too....but at least one side was frozen pretty solid. Is the icy block feel needed to see results?