What image are you using as your goal picture?

  • AimeedoubleGs
  • Pasadena, CA
  • 2 years ago

I find the images people are using as their goal picture (to show your doc the size and shape you want) really interesting!   What was/is your goal picture?   I am using this picture of Katheryn Higle when she was young as a goal size: http://imgur.com/pUOw5   And this image as ideal nipple size and placement: http://imgur.com/KQghO

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I'm glad we all have a sense of humor about our 'big attributes'! This is an interesting question, tho. Just the other day, I received a Just My Size bra catalogue, and started looking through it to find someone who had about the size I think I want! Of course, they're wearing bras, so I still need to get busy and find some good naked shots of boobies that I aspire to!!
LOL Kimmers! I have a huge compilation of photos I have been saving. My surgeon is going to think Im a nut case.
But I gotta be sure we are on the same page!! B CUP
Also- I've noticed that you can find 10 pictures of B-cup and C-cup breasts and they all look different! How the heck can that be? Its so frustrating!!
I agree!! That is why I wanted to see the pictures other people are using!! It's very hard to find decent pictures... SO many sites lie about the sizes too... I find a lot of girls I KNOW are F and G cups claiming to be a DD.

I also think it is super important my doctor and I are on the same page... maybe what he thinks of when I say "small high nipple complex" is totally different :/ I also think that when he asked me how I wanted to feel before looking at my pictures that was a good move, but since I still want to feel full, curvy, and feminine, there is room for him to think that means Christine Hendricks as opposed to Scarlett Johansen.

I guess that is what I am after with this thread... how are other people communicating these things to their doctors, when our docs obviously don't have the time to sit and look at pictures with us for an hour?

I took a picture of breasts that were not hanging to a waist line.  Also nipples pointing forward and not in two different directions.  With what I started with anything was an improvement.  

Haha! Well you certainly got what you asked for :)

I sure did:)  Love it!!