How much pounds should I gain?

  • MyaNYC
  • Corona, NY
  • 3 years ago

Hi! I want to do a fat tranfer to my butt so I got a couple of questions. I am 5'9 and weight about 140lbs, I have a almost no fat on my stomach and my front is kind of athletic, I think that I'm too thin for the surgery and I was wondering how much should I gain, Im not looking to get a HUGE butt, something like Kim Kardashian, a little bit smaller maybe. I also want a more of a hourglas shape on my hips. I work as a dancer so I do have a hard time gaining weight since I move my body so much, what advice can you give me to gain weight fast, since I want to have this surgery done before the end of July? Also, does anybody have a tip on who I should go to in NYC for a naturally shaped butt? I'm not looking to spend about $9000. Please let me know! Have a great day Mya

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Hi Sharon!
Thank you for you answer! I went and saw a doctor here in NYC but he was horrible so I'm not doing the surgery with him. I'm thinking about doing it in Miami, do you have any sugjestions on Drs in Miami?

I don't have any first-hand experience with Miami docs but here's a list of reviews (scroll down to the bottom right side): Miami BBL

The lovely ladies of our BBL community can point you in the right direction. :)


Hi, i was reading you question. I live in miami and my good friend got her surgery done in Bal Habour (east miami). She got the BBL and she looks good. She spent about 7500 all together. She had a flatty cakes butt and after the surgery she came out looking great. the doctors name is Dr.Salzar or somthin like that. Ill be going for a consult aug 2. My friend told me she had to gain 30 lbs for the surgery. hope i was some help


Hi Mya,

Welcome to RealSelf!

I've read that gaining weight doesn't help, and may actually hurt, your BBL results. The reasoning is, you have a certain amount of fat cells already, and gaining weight only makes them bigger or smaller (like filling a balloon). If you transfer smaller fat cells, you can move more of them to your butt.

I learned that from buttbutterfly's review here. So if you're thinking of gaining weight, definitely ask your doctor first.