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iam 3.5 weeks post-op. I have a badly assymmetric swelling now. LLC graft more swollen than a alar rim graft?

  • 2 years ago

iam 3.5 weeks post-op. I have more swelling of my right side. I had septal deviation corrected, spreader graft to improve my bridge narrowness and to improve breathing. this was more projected on the right to counter a scooped look on that side, and had my alar retracted nostrils corrected.   i have 2 issues. 1. i have a bump on my left bridge which the doctor says may be callus as nothing was done to my nasal bone there during my secondary procedure. i had this bump when the cast came off. 2. my left nostril already has reduced swelling and has formed a crease (which i hope wont eventually lead to nostril collapse). this left nostril had a rim graft as compared to the right nostril whose alar retraction was corrected using LLC repositioning. is it normal for the LLC graft to be more swollen than an alar rim graft? my nose looks stretched to the right at the nostril end and stretched to the left on the bridge end.