I need some help with my breast implats: Are they too high?

  • Paula24
  • Desenzano Italy
  • 3 years ago

At first the Doctor said I need lifting,but then he changed his mind and telling me that augumentation only is gonna be succesfull anyway,so I did like he said(only augumentation).1 month after surgery they look so bad,but he said is because the left breast (left breast was much more bigger and lower than the right onealso before augumentation) so  he did for me a surgery around the nipple,just to make them look equal.

After this surgery he asked me to be patient for 1 more month and to do massage all time,so I did like he said but now I have 2 months and they still look bad, I need some help here please,maybe there are girls who had same like me.... are the breast implants 2 high? maybe they should be lower or will drop in time?should I wait another 2-6 months? Thank you