I need some help with my breast implats: Are they too high?

  • Paula24
  • Desenzano Italy
  • 3 years ago

At first the Doctor said I need lifting,but then he changed his mind and telling me that augumentation only is gonna be succesfull anyway,so I did like he said(only augumentation).1 month after surgery they look so bad,but he said is because the left breast (left breast was much more bigger and lower than the right onealso before augumentation) so  he did for me a surgery around the nipple,just to make them look equal.

After this surgery he asked me to be patient for 1 more month and to do massage all time,so I did like he said but now I have 2 months and they still look bad, I need some help here please,maybe there are girls who had same like me.... are the breast implants 2 high? maybe they should be lower or will drop in time?should I wait another 2-6 months? Thank you  

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Paula..first of all..I'd like to tell you..your breast honest scared me..I wonder what type of silicone you used and what cc? I have a strong feeling that your surgeon is not 100% confident bout what hes doing. How was the other nipple looked like? Is it even now w/ the other one?You should have done a lot of research first before agreeing to do a surgery. But it's all done now. Your breast definitely still looks so high and swollen..massaging and the strap should help drop it? Are you still using the ice pack?you should. I could picture tell you that my breast are possibly similar to yours before the surgery only my nipples are even. When I window shop, the 1st doctor told me, to have my nipple stand in the middle of the breast rather than at the lower part.I'd have to chose the high profile which I chose and he was an experience board certified here in the US..the 2nd one..he said he will operate my nipples and move it to the middle after 6mon..I didn't like what I heard and the implants he's gonna use wasn't the size for my breast. I didn't go to him but went to the 1st one. He did a wonderful job..my breast was really high like yours..I kept massaging it..My advice to you is..don't go back to that doctor ever again!..let yourself heal first completely..if you have to wait for a year to see the full outcome, do it! Bec what's the point of having huge breast if you don't have a life anymore? You need to calm yourself and just keep massaging, I suggest that you watch YouTube on how to massage etc..plus your skin are too stretch! You need to work on moving the implants so your skin will stretch out more..when you massage..lay down use your 3 fingers..place it at the top of your implants and push it downward..so you can form a crease under your breast..do this all the.. time..Darling..you sound very impatient to me..but I understand..this is bec you're scared but you gotta do your part in massaging and making sure you will not come back to him..if your heart stopped during the surgery? Then that should tell you you were not in the right hands..you're not a geni pig! like what I said..massage, wait till 6-12 for it to completely settle down and see the very full outcome..you could see it in 8-9mon just like with me..Do they schedule you to visit your doctor once month? Till your officially released?..YouTube and read, read, read..about your depression? Ask your primary doctor (not your surgeon) for anti-depressant medication, they can evaluate you. And don't drink, smoke..that will slow your healing process and alcohol will make you more depressed..email me your email address and when I get the chance I will send you the picture of my boobies..if I still have them.
Good luck to you and take it easy my friend..

You're very welcome. :) Please let us know!


They do look like maybe they haven't dropped yet. Although, at 2 months post op, you'd think they would have. You might want to consider posting your story and photo in our Doctor Q&A community to get their feedback. Hope this helps!

Hi Angiemcc,thank you for advice I did like it and now I hope Ill have some good news...

All the best
Paula x
It's not that they are too high but the tops of the breast are too full. They should have a natural slope to the breast. Honestly I thing he used the wrong shape/style implants. When in doubt get a 2nd opinion Please. Don't do like me and wait 6 + months to do so. What size and style did the dr use? I went with 650 and mine have a nice slope to them. I am hear for questions. Feel free.
Sincerely, Darlene