Ok--I have a consult on Sept 8th. in NH

  • MJ385
  • NH
  • 3 years ago

I have wanted this for a very long time! I am a mother of 5, 38 years old and have battled weight issues as well as the many pregnancies. I had my first child around the age of 18 so i have no idea what it is even like to have a great body!  I exercise and eat great--I am in great physical condition. If you look at my legs you would have no idea i look like a big lumpy deflated ballon with jello still stuck in it. I cannot wait for this! My oldest child is paying for the entire procedure for me. CRAZY I know!! I am so lucky to have such great kids! My husband is on the fence about the whole thing but i think that is because of the fact it is pretty hard to be all "hey imagine if  you looked better naked??" not so very nice. :D  So--anyway I am looking for a more curvy figure than a tight and lean figure. i will be getting BL/BA periareola (right?) I would also like the fat in my armpit breast area lipo'd and the size of my areola reduced. I am a b/c cup in this picture and want to go to a nice full D I think. . tummy tuck (my muscles are in great shape tho!!) and lip of the hips and lower back. Plus some facial rejuvination(maybe a bit of lipo for the chicken neck/chin)--so I look refreshed no matter what LOL! Any advice, tips, ideas, suggestions??