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Hypothyroid and Liposuction?

  • Brina1234
  • Dallas
  • 3 years ago

I have recently had a tummy tuck after loosing 65-70lbs.Very happy with the result in general. I am thinking of lipo for the stubborn areas on my rear, inner thighs etc. I am concerned because I am now Hypothyroid and am terrified to gain any weight and If I do lipo, and gain any weight at all(5-10lbs?),I am afraid to look worse, either because of lumps from the surgery or "fat" pockets due to any weight that I gain through the years. Anyone have hypothyroid and been happy..or unhappy that you chose lipo? I need feedback from doctors that have experience & those who've have the experience. Thanks!

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i had a tummy tuck and had a bit of lipo on the love handle areas. i have hypothyroidism too. i am also concerned about my levels changing and gaining weight before i realize whats happened. the only way it's interfered with my surgeries is that i went in for a breast lift and tummy tuck, my doctor didn't feel it was safe for me to have all those procedures done because of my thyroid problem. six months post-op i haven't gained any weight so i don't know where it would go.
Hi Brina,

I've actually had borderline hypothyroidism for a long time that finally turned into hypothyroidism recently. Initially I went from 5'6'' 98lbs to 105-6 in less than a week. I had my procedure, which was cheek liposuction, soon after the weight gain but I don't notice a link between liposuction and my hypothyroidism (or weightgain related to hypothyroidism) so far.

You may think my procedure was a bit small compared to liposuction of the body to serve as evidence. But my face was extremely chubby and I did get a considerable amount of fat removed.

I hope you don't worry so much about the liposuction because we both need to treat our hypothyroidism regardless!