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Considering Hyaluronidase for NL folds

  • Fixit4
  • 1 year ago

 I had Juvederm in my nasal labial folds and marionette area 5 days ago. The swelling is down but my nasal folds look MUCH worse than before I had the Juvederm . They were just lines then;  now they are pronounced dents. Also, there seems to be bruise colored lines running along them.  It is very noticeable and hard to cover with makeup . I wish I had never touched my face.  I want to have the Hyaluronidase injections but I'm terrified after reading horror stories here. Has anyone had a good result with Hyaluronidase in the NL folds? If I wait with the bruise lines go away? I hate this bitter feeling of regret.