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Was your husband supportive?

  • mh1973
  • 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I am new here. I have recently lost about 38lbs. I am 5'0 and weigh about 123 lbs. Since the weight loss I have thought about lipo, so went for a consultation and the Dr. recommended a tummy tuck. I had never even considered this before because of the scar but have looked at alot of pics and read the stories here over the weekend and have decided to go for it. Well, my husband thinks I am crazy!!! Mainly because of the cost but he also says that I am fine the way I am and he can't even believe I want to do this. I can't seem to make him understand. I told him I want to do this for me, not for anyone else. So anyway, anyone else gone through this? I have scheduled my surgery for Oct 10. So excited yet so nervous.

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I live with my husband as well as my exhusband, as he is my baby daddy and we co parent together. And they both took care of me. I'm spoiled. They were both super supportive.

My husband was my rock!   But when I first suggested it he freaked.  Once he realized that I was going to do this and why he was very supportive.  They just need some time to digest everything.  

I let my hubby know that I was going to do this and really needed his help and support.  Once I included him in the process; and he realized how much help I was going to need he got busy.  He was the best nurse ever and took such good care of me.