hump on nose after's bone

  • nosebreather25
  • Maryland
  • 2 years ago

Hey hey, I had septorhinoplasty this 8 weeks ago. The septoplasty was to help me breath better. The rhinoplasty was to remove an ever so slight hump on the bridge of my nose. My doctor used spreader grafts for the septoplasty part because I have (or had) very thin nostrils.

For the hump reduction, the doctor said that she filed it down and performed an oestomies. A few days after the cast was taken off I noticed a hump on the left side of my nasal bone. Well, I didn't touch it or otherwise think about since I emailed my doctor who said that she's sure it's just swelling. Last week I visited my doctor who confirmed the worst: the hump is bone! and it won't ever go away on it's own. The worst part was how my doctor treated me.

I was shocked that it was indeed bone. I asked the doctor what she could do about it. She first tried to convince me that it wasn't a big deal. But, when she compared my before and after pictures I could tell that even she thought it was a big deal. She did not admit to making a mistake, though. Instead, she said that I couldn't expect perfection (shouldn't she have mentioned that before the surgery!?) and that we'll see. She then said that we must not have had good communication before the surgery for this to be the result. The thing is, we had very good communication. It was a septoplasty and to remove that teeny hump. I definitely did not ask her to create a larger hump on a more prominent part of my nose!

She then left to see another patient and I waited in the room for her to finish so that we can continue the conversation. Her nurse / coordinator came to me 20 minutes later and said that she had to leave for another apointment at an office in a different location. I then left to, never really resolving the issue of what to do next. I emailed her first thing on Tuesday and it's now after hours on Thursday and I have yet to hear back. Any thoughts? Thanks!