Now have a hump after rhinosplasty to straighten nose

  • alancar
  • London
  • 4 years ago

Hello, I had rhinoplasty to straighten my nose after it was broken a year ago. The nose seems to be reasonably straight now but I seem to have a hump on my bridge now which was not there before. Could this be swelling ? They did break the nose to straighten it so could this have cause the ridge lump? They said they were just making it straight and no change to the shape. What could this be? Thank you

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Hi alancar,

Hope the link to Nose bridge swelling or permanent hump? was helpful.

How long ago was your surgery? Swelling can last up to a year, although much of it resolves quicker.

Good luck with your recovery!

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It was just over 3 weeks ago, so not very long but the bump seems to be rock hard. Is there anything else I can do to reduce swelling apart from applying ice? Thank you