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hugely swollen after first day back at exercising!!

  • Montano
  • Phenix City, AL
  • 3 years ago

Yesterday was 3 weeks postop for me.  I was told I could start walking, but on flat surfaces only; no inclines.  I walked two miles, and last night I started swelling even worse than I already was and then this morning I swear I look like the michelin tire man!!! Is this normal?  Did anyone else experience an increase in the already horrible swelling when restarting exercise? Im frustrated.  

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Thank you so much! I get so worried that I may stay swollen for forever. You definitely made me feel much much better.

The first time I went back to any kind of exercise I swelled up like a balloon.  It was terrible and I thought I may cry.

Go slow and listen to your body.  Maybe cut that distance back a little bit for the first couple of weeks.  Or try doing half in the morning and the other half at night.  Baby steps and it will settle down.  

Don't be frustrated because this is all part of the healing and getting back to normal.  It does end and will get easier each week.  It's good to exercise because it gets everything going again.  Keep at it and keep your chin up.  Also, don't do any ab work for the first 6 months.  

Drink plenty of water, kick the feel up after you do work out, and ice packs also help.