Houston LSL?

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Hello everyone, I go for my consultation for the LSL tomorrow in Houston. I have very mixed emotions about the results of the LSL. I am not afraid of the procedure, itself. I am however concerned about results. Some of my concerns are: Do the stitches under the skin show? Are the Doctors in Houston reputable? I would like before and after photos from unbiased people..not what is on the website. I guess I'm a little apprehensive and would like some REAL feedback

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Recommend a doctor in Houston Texas who does lifestyle lift? I have an appt for a consultation in Houston, Texas. I would like to see if anyone has had the procedure in the area and what think.
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I also have a consultation in Houston tomorrow July 2. Have you had your's yet? What do you think.
I am schedule for 5/7/08. I am having second thoughts. Like you I am worried about the effects not the procedure. Have you gone yet? How was it? I have a very high profile position and I can not have scars blazing everywhere. I would really appreciate your input.
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Dear Sara - Since it is now August, I was wondering if you had the procedure? I went for my dr. consult today and am very confused and hesitant based on all the stories I'm reading. Scared to death, in fact! Any thoughts?
Don't do it!!! I had LSL a little over two years ago and I have to go in to a real Cosmetic Surgeon and have the scars repaired. The scars are horrible. When I had it done they advertised that you can go back to work the next day, big joke. I had huge black stitches all around my ears that were lumpy and the swelling was unbelievable. Do not believe what they tell you. They lie with a smile. Go see a Cosmetic Surgeon and get a second opinion. My jowls and wrinkles are all back. I take care of my skin. I do not go outside without major sunscreen and I do not sit in the sun at all. My ears still itch and ever since the surgery I break out in hives from time to time. I have had stitches start protruding through my skin on my neck. I have lumps under the skin from stitchs that have come loose. I will have this all repaired by the right way, through a real Cosmetic Surgeon. BEWARE!!!!!
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