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My hospital is 3 hours away?

  • jenjk3ks
  • Abilene, TX
  • 3 years ago

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Kimmer yes mam I will be staying the night then released home. I am just worried that the drive will be horrible.
I only had a 45 minute drive and for the first 20 minutes I was so tense.... You will be okay... Bring a pillow to hold into your tummy for bumps... cause you will feel em. If you can bring a travel pillow too... and sleep the drive away. Whenever I had to be in the car it helped me to put my seat back a little and rest my feet on the dash. So I was kind of laying instead of sitting, its the only way I was comfortable. Hope this helps.

You will be just fine:)  Take a pain pill a half hour before you leave and you will sleep most of the way home. 

Have pillows and a blanket in the car with you and that will help you to get more comfortable. 

Make sure to stop for like 10 minutes each hour to hour and  half.  You need to keep moving your legs. 
Ok thanks everyone I have taken your adivce.. my husband hates traffic and said,," oh it will be a fast drive home no worries.. cause he wants to get out of the dallas traffic.

Do they offer an over night package for the first night?    You should talk to your doctor because they may even have some discounts at local hotels for the first night. 

Also ask if they have the 23 hour hold beds. 

I think you will be fine traveling home but if you are not comfortable doing that just talk to your doctor.