Hospital stay

  • Luluwaan
  • Pretoria, South Africa
  • 2 years ago

Ladies, me again. My PS is keeping me 2 nights in hospital. What should I take with?  

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I had to stay two nights as well, first night was standard but I had complications and they wouldnt release me. I packed a bag, but didnt use any of it, until I got ready to go home. Well, maybe I used Chapstick and my toothbrush. I brought socks, nice lotion, contacts, etc but was too out of it to use anything and anything I did need, they brought to me.
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Wow - good for you.... haven't had my TT yet, but at least you will have assistance and be on your way to recovery. I think having a nurse even the 1st day would be wonderful. Having one for 2 days would be great. Good luck.
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