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Horrible Orthodontic Treatment

  • DaSlimJerry
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 3 months ago

When I was 13 I got braces and 4 teeth extracted, then at 16 my wisdom teeth extracted. I'm now 18 and am not pleased with the results at all. My face has narrowed, my profile looks terrible and there's an obvious difference as seen in the pictures provided. I used to have a wide, strong jaw/chin with a wide face, now my face looks long and narrow. I have a list of health problems including TMJ, bad posture, anxiety, extreme difficulty eating and breathing, insomnia to mention a few and I feel like these upcoming symptoms are due to my bad orthodontics. My close friend also use to have very crowded crooked teeth like me, except he did't get braces and his face/jaw grew so the teeth could fit. His face looks normal, has no health problems,a great smile and he is a star athlete. People used to think we were brothers, now we look nothing alike. It's obvious in the picture that my face changed for the worse. Please, does anybody know how to reverse/treat this or any advice on what to do?

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