Horrible Customer Service

  • Fizzy949
  • 1 year ago

Worst experience ever!

After spending hours online, researching lasers and hours on her website, I called Dr. Sikorski's office and booked an appointment for laser skin resurfacing. I took the afternoon off of work to attend this appointment, being that their office hours are only M-F, 9-5pm.
The days approaching my appointment I never once received a appointment confirmation or a voicemail. I thought ..."hmmm, they must be really busy."

THE DAY OF MY APPOINTMENT Michelle, the patient coordinator calls me three hours before my appointment and leaves me a voicemail telling me that she's going to have to re-book me, as she was already scheduled for that time slot. I immediately call the office back to see what is going on and I instantly get the machine, saying that the office is closed for lunch between noon-1:30pm (I received the vmail at 12:45) I call back at 1:35pm and their phones are still off. I call back again at 1:40 and I get placed on hold for 4 minutes. Finally, the girl comes back on the line and she transfers me to Michelle. It instantly goes to Michelle's voicemail. I say my first and last name, give my call back number and tell her that I'm returning her call regarding my appointment that is scheduled for TODAY.

Michelle calls me back about 20 minutes later and explains that she is booked for a training that afternoon and simply does not have time to do a consult. Then she giggles and says "I don't know what they were thinking when they booked you..." NO apology. I tell her that I've already taken the afternoon off of work for this appointment. Then, I ask her why someone didn't call me earlier in the week to reschedule? Why is this office waiting until the day of my appointment to cancel on me at the last minute? Michelle finally apologizes, but in a very insincere tone. I tell her that I'm extremely disappointed and that this office has already cost me money, as I should of been at work. I ask her again why she didn't call me earlier in the week? she didn't have an answer.

Here's the icing on the cake....she then tells me "look, you need to understand, that this is a COMPLIMENTARY consult and I'm sorry that it didn't work out according to your schedule." That's when I completely lost it and told her that 90% of the plastics in South County offer complimentary consults. I then went on to tell her that I took the time to print and fill out all of the new patient intake forms off of the website, filled all of the out, etc Not only that, but my boyfriend was going to go to the consult with me as well, for support. So he also scheduled time off of work for this appointment. This part I did not squeeze in, I was too upset and it didn't even cross my mind.

Michelle did not sympathize with me at all - instead, she acted offended and snooty that I was upset that they cancelled my *free* consult hours before my appointment. That's when I told her to forget about rescheduling me and that I will take my business elsewhere.

Even if this office offered to do my treatment at 50% due to the inconvenience they caused me I still would not give Dr. Sikorski or her staff my business. I am floored at their level of unprofessionalism!!

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